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Since 2012 the Accelerate and Access Foundation has promoted social mobility in UK maintained schools through education. Working with multiple partners, the AAF has incubated and seeded new and innovative programmes to enable first-generation, bright, under-resourced students to gain entrance to leading universities.  By improving the percentage of lower-income pupils achieving a high-quality university degree, this has significantly improved employment and further education opportunities and inspired others around them.

Moving from ‘access to success’: Supporting and empowering first generation HE Students by sharing US and UK practice


14th Nov 18….The University of Birmingham recently hosted a high profile and successful conference, in partnership with Accelerate and Access Foundation, on supporting and empowering first generation higher education students by sharing best practice from across the US and UK.

Please find the agenda of the afternoon here.

A review of the event is here.

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The Academies Partnership Programme in Kent - an overview


Sevenoaks Foundation

The Sevenoaks Foundation has very generously agreed to support the APP in Kent for the next 5 years starting in 2018.

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The Buffini-Chao Foundation

The Buffini Chao Foundation has generously supported the AAF, particularly in the area of mentoring.

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Garfield Weston Foundation

Garfield Weston Foundation

The Garfield Weston Foundation is a grant-giving charity, based in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1958 by Canadian businessman W. Garfield Weston (1898-1978).

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Sutton Trust

Sutton Trust

The Sutton Trust is an educational charity in the United Kingdom which aims to improve social mobility and address educational disadvantage. The charity was set up by the educational philanphropist Sir Peter Lampl in 1997.

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‘We are proud to have completed the APP 4-year pilot with such success that we have secured funding to take the KAN APP out for at least another 5 years. The positive feedback we received from our first cohort during their first year at university is encouraging and inspiring and we look forward to the second cohort starting their university journey in the Autumn of 2018. We thank all the teachers, other school staff and speakers that volunteer their time and make the APP such a success. And, thank you to Sevenoaks School for your work in ensuring the long-term future of the APP. The positive impact on our students of everyone’s dedication and efforts is very clear.’

Debbie Hannam, AAF Trustee and Co-Founder


Students, Parents and Schools on the programme share their experiences below.

The APP has helped to raise the aspirations of students at The Folkestone Academy by giving them belief and confidence to aim for their highest possible goals.
It has also provided consistency and emotional support for students going through particularly challenging times.
Overall, APP is helping Folkestone Academy to raise aspirations and drive for outstanding achievement.

Folkestone Academy

We think the scheme has been a fantastic opportunity for our son and, as a family, we realise that these opportunities don’t come along every day. Our son has gained plenty already in many ways and we are delighted to support both him and the scheme.

Parents of a participating student

I can honestly say that without enrolling on the Access programme, I don’t know if I would be in the same place I am today. I couldn’t be happier with my results and where I am going to university.

Ella, Student

The AAF Team...