The Academies Partnership Programme in Kent


The APP in Kent is a collaboration of independent schools and maintained academies (‘KAN’), that have been working together since 2007. It emerged out of the co-sponsorship of 6 academies by 5 independent schools and one grammar school in Kent.

In October 2012 the Academies Partnership Programme was presented to KAN schools and a decision was taken to run a pilot scheme within the collaboration for four years. It had the financial backing of The Sutton Trust (and, latterly, The Garfield Weston Foundation) and the independent schools within the network, and with evaluation of the programme is provided by CEM at Durham.

To date, 66 students have been accepted onto the programme from across all 6 participating academies, and our first cohort completed the programme in 2017, with a fifth cohort recruited at that time. The programme is run within the network by a management group comprising representation from all the participating schools. Residential weeks are hosted by the independent schools with boarding facilities, teachers, speakers and content are provided from teachers and contacts from all of the schools.

Crucially, and as a result of this programme, the APP has developed secondary opportunities for students who did not make it onto this scheme, but who are ambitious to apply to university. These opportunities have arisen with the University of Kent and also with Oxford and Cambridge Colleges.

The APP has helped to raise the aspirations of students at The Folkestone Academy by giving them belief and confidence to aim for their highest possible goals.
It has also provided consistency and emotional support for students going through particularly challenging times.
Overall, APP is helping Folkestone Academy to raise aspirations and drive for outstanding achievement.

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