Pro-Bono Economics is a charitable organisation which matches leading economics experts with social enterprises and charities to help these organisations measure and maximise the impact of their work. Pro-Bono Economics has helped over 400 social enterprises and charities across a range of areas, from education to mental-health, to demonstrate the positive effects of their work.

A Pro-Bono Economics expert volunteer will be assisting the Accelerate and Access Foundation to collect an effective data set over the next few months with the goal of devising a framework which will provide demonstrable evidence of the positive impact our programme has on the young people we work with.

‘Pro-Bono Economics is an excellent non-profit organisation providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of interventions in a variety of sectors. We are delighted that they have agreed to work with us to help us to professionally measure the effectiveness of our University Access Programme in Kent. Over the past five years, this programme has gone from strength to strength, and the success of the pilot has meant that we have secured funding to see the programme through for at least another 5 years. We know from hearing from both students and schools as well as seeing tangible evidence what a positive impact the programme is having on these bright young people’s lives. We hope that our work with Pro-Bono Economics will enable us to supplement that testimony into a strong evidence base, which will allow us to expand the scope of our work.’ – Debbie Hannam, Co-Founder and AAF Trustee