The Year 9 and Year 10 cohorts worked with Turing Lab yesterday afternoon, with Turing Lab providing a dynamic session designed to introduce our students to coding. The first part of the session challenged our students to think about just how important coding is to their everyday lives. As the Turing Lab, an organisation formed by a group of graduateturing lab students from Imperial College, mission statement outlines, they are ‘preparing young minds for the digital future’! The Year 9 had Maths and English lessons this morning from Tonbridge and Skinners’ Kent Academy teachers, two of the nine schools that make up the Kent Academies Netturing lab 2work, while the Year 10 are off to London to visit the V and A and the Imperial College Outreach Lab – more on that trip tomorrow!

Part of the reason we hold a residential in Cambridge is to allow our students to experience the historical and cultural elements of the city – it really is an amazing place. A walk round the Botanic Gardens, a BBQ on Jesus Green and a trip to the ADC Theatre to see their production of Spamalot meant that Wednesday really was a special day for the two cohorts in Cambridgbotanicse, and hopefully a sign to our students that University life and life in a University town is not all about libraries, lectures and studying! The extension and enrichment elements of the programme are a key tenet of what the AAF strives to do, and we place huge value in both exposing our students to the wider world, and allowing them to have a great time!

With two days to go of the summer 2016 residentials it is all go – keep following on Twitter (@AandAFoundation) for the latest updates!