The range and breadth of subjects covered and activities offered so far this residential has been astounding, with much more to come before the week is out. A highlight at Tonbridge was yesterday’s science lesson which saw the students, quite literally, playing with fire! Afternoon lessons included Politics, with a specific focus on the upcoming US Presidential Election, and Digital Creativity, a chance to use the computer labs, before a choice of swimming or badminton to run off any excess energy before dinner.

20160705_113546_1The speaker at Tonbridge last night was Sir Damon Buffini, who spoke eloquently and engagingly about how to make the most of opportunities you are presented with in the modern world. 20160705_113729Advice ranged from tips on how to make a positive impression on those you meet or work with, how to best learn from your experiences, both positive and negative, and the importance of enjoying what you do – a wide range of soft skills which will be increasingly crucial to our students in their pursuit of success! Sir Damon comes from a single parent family and was brought up on a council estate, yet is a world leader in the private equity field, 20160705_114332now working with a range of social responsibility, cultural and educational ventures.

In Cambridge, there was a visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum yesterday afternoon before talks on the history and concept of time, and a talk from Queens’ College PhD student William Thom about his work on Nanotechnology. QueensCmmosx_WgAAvD8Z’ have been remarkably generous in their support of the programme this week, providing accommodation, facilities and, most significantly, people, to help make the APP experience as positive as it can possibly be. The Brilliant Club work also continues, students working hard towards their final submission on their chosen subject, the EU, HTML or the emergence of modern society.

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