Charlotte (University of Reading, Education)

“I am absolutely loving my time as a new 1st year student at University; I’ve fitted into University life well and have become an active member of two societies. This has helped me to gain more skills, such as communication and social networking, thus giving me more confidence to become a member of communities outside of university.  I’m really enjoying meeting new people through these societies, and actively pursuing opportunities to develop the skills I have learnt whilst being in those societies. In terms of academia, I am getting on well; my past experience of group collaboration on KAN Residential weeks have definitely helped me with my teamwork and presentation skills. The course I am on does not use examinations, but rather portfolios, essays and presentations. I have experienced all of these methods of communication during my time on the KAN APP, which has definitely been an advantage. In addition to this, the inclusion of The Brilliant Club on the KAN programme benefitted me, as this gave me some prior experience of writing at University level for PhD students, and receiving university-style feedback.

Taking into account all of the activities and workshops I have experienced whilst being on the KAN APP, I did feel prepared when making the leap from sixth form to University. KAN’s dedication to giving its mentee cohorts all they need to support them into Higher Education is incredible; the confidence that it instilled in each mentee, and the ongoing support, is so valuable to us as we progress into higher education. If I had not been on the KAN programme, I would not be half the person I am today.”

Pete (University of Kent, History)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first term, hitting the ground running with good results in my essays as well as making the most of what the university experience has to offer. I know this could be taken the wrong way but what I’m enjoying most is the social aspect of university. I enjoy being in an environment where I have the ability to discuss with people who have the same academic interest as I do. One of the things that all the mentors said was that you make your university experience how you want it to be. This is very true after realising that there’s something for everyone at university with the various societies. For example, I have joined the Athletics Club and we have formed a 5-a-side football team as we all have an interest in football. University gives you the opportunity to do whatever you enjoy doing.

I believe that the KAN programme has been an important part of my success up to now. Being lucky enough to have a history student as a mentor for 4 years definitely helped me in my development as a historian. The courses that the programme offered such as those provided by ‘The Brilliant Club’ also contributed to my preparation for university, encouraging me to critically think and work towards a deadline. In addition, the various campus tours and the time spent at Fitzwilliam that the programme offered gave a realistic insight into what staying at university would be like. This is very true for all the Easter and Summer residential at Tonbridge as well, getting to meet new people from all walks of life. This is a factor which I think has allowed me to settle in at university relatively quickly.

I feel that the KAN programme prepared me for university. Before even arriving at Kent I knew all the opportunities going to university would offer, and now that I’m here, I have a plan for my future years of study and what I might do after university. The programme was very influential in this aspect with the inspirational speakers in the evenings showing what could be achieved after going to university.

Sophie (University of Canterbury, Education)

My course has been really interesting, we have been doing two modules on the theory of teaching, as well as starting at our placement school. Since Christmas I have started modules in the subjects I will need to teach, and I have very much enjoyed the experience so far, even if it is all go!

The course has been what I had expected, and I think this is due to researching the course before I applied, and attending the open days early on, as advised to do by my mentor on the APP! I also think that the KAN programme helped me to be prepared for the demands of university! I had to write an essay on two of the learning theories in education and then link it to my classroom practice, something the programme had supported me to do through our workshops with the Brilliant Club. I recently received my feedback on this assignment, and I got 73/100, which was a First so I was very pleased! Also, I am able to manage my time and work load a lot better than when I first started the programme, as my mentor gave me some help and support when I started preparing for my GCSEs, and I have continued to put those pointers into practice, meaning that I do not feel so overwhelmed when I have several readings and directed tasks to do. I am really enjoying being at my placement school, and have already planned and taught several lessons, which were successful and the children enjoyed. I felt really comfortable in doing this, as through KAN, we did several presentations, which really helped to improve my confidence in both my presentation skills, and in my own intellectual ability. Without the support of KAN, I do not believe I would be as confident in doing this, so I will never be able to thank you all enough for supporting me with this extremely valuable life skill.

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