Sevenoaks School’s Involvement

Sevenoaks School has been a key reason for the success of the pilot in Kent. The Headteacher, Dr Katy Ricks, has been an important advocate for the programme since its inception.

Sevenoaks School has hosted two of the residential weeks so far, and also a number of the KAN management group meetings. This has represented a significant contribution in kind to the programme, as these resources have either been provided pro bono or at a significantly reduced cost.

In addition, there has been a good deal of administrative and organisational support provided by Sevenoaks School at no cost to the programme, but which has been invaluable. This would include, specifically, the additional work done by the Deputy Head at Sevenoaks in organising and chairing meetings and organising residential weeks.

Sevenoaks School provide a great number of the teaching staff who teach on the residential weeks, all of whom give their time for free.