On February 10th our KAN UAP cohorts set out from Tonbridge for their February meet-up event, kindly hosted at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

After a long journey, the students were rewarded with lunch in the College Hall, where they were joined by their learning mentors. Having been suitably fed the students split into their cohorts for the afternoon’s activities.

The Year 10s began the afternoon by debating the effect of migration on Britain, the culmination of their research task that was set in October. The students engaged brilliantly on a complex issue, which continues to dominate the headlines across the country. After this they were treated to a tour of Cambridge, where they were able to take in the sights and learn some of the universities 800 year old history.

The Year 11s, with GCSE exams approaching on the horizon, had a programme designed to help them thrive in the coming months. First up was a session about effective and interesting methods of revising. While important, the session also proved to be an exciting one, as the cohort competed to win the Kahoot – a popular online revision quiz site. Congratulations go to Bethany who beat out the competition to win first place. After the excitement of revision (a sentence you don’t hear all the time!) the students were treated to a session on dealing with exam stress – capably delivered by one of their learning mentors. Indeed, the lesson even included a few moments of peace and tranquillity, as the students took part in a short meditation practice.

For the Year 12s, Fitzwilliam College is becoming a second home. Having stayed in the college last summer, the students know their way around almost as well as their mentors. Their afternoon was split between a Personal Statement talk, kindly delivered by Fitzwilliam College SLO, Aemilia McDonnell, and a practical ‘Academic Reading’ session, delivered by one of their learning mentors. The latter designed both to aid the students’ current studies, and prepare them for the next stage of their education at degree level.

The finale of the day was a lecture for all cohorts from Dr Fiona Gilbert, the head of the Faculty of Radiology at the University of Cambridge. Dr Gilbert talked passionately about her own experiences in education and about her ground breaking scientific research.

AAF would like to thank Fitzwilliam College, Aemilia McDonnell and Dr Fiona Gilbert for helping to make the day such a success.